Working on my fitness: Motivation 

I feel like I’m always thinking about working on my fitness but not actually doing it! Well, today I decided to get organized! You know all of those cute pins with the 30 day challenges and super toned pictures in the background of abs and muscles? Well, I have certainly never looked like that. They inspired me to start back at it again! So I put together a 30 day challenge schedule and also found this little motivation trick: 

Someone pinned this sticky note motivation tip! I’m certainly a list person and thoroughly enjoy scratching out completed tasks on my list (crazy person, I know). This seems right up my alley. I put up 30 sticky tabs right by our back door- it’s a reminder to keep me accountable and will feel great to tear one down each day I complete my workout! Also, Ryan will see if I missed… Which will help keep me accountable as well.

   So I pursued Pinterest… As I always do. I really like Popsugar’s 30 day challenges. One reason is because it utilizes 4-5 different moves which helps target a variety of muscles. Also, they have nice and concise printable versions. 

I chose core, squat, and push-up 30 day Challenges to follow over the next month (summer is coming!). Also, I added in 4 days of cardio a week. We shall see how this goes! 
  I have more than 30 days on here- oops! 

To start-after putting up my sticky notes,  I printed out the schedule and each 30 day schedule to use each day. They all have different rest days. Which I will follow for that muscle group. But I’ll actually be doing at least one of the challenges everyday. 

 Popsugar ab challenge
Popsugar’s squat challenge

Popsugar’s push-up challenge

I chose to add cardio that I think I’ll enjoy doing. I used to do spin class 2-3 times a week, but I started dreading it. So I only included Saturday’s (which I know I will have more time to get to the gym vs after work on a week day). Do what works best for you! As you can see, I enjoy running too! I love to get outside on pretty, sunny days. 
And obviously, healthy eating is a huge part of getting fit as well. But that’s for another day! 

I have a long ways to go, and I plan update the blog along the way. 

I hope these links and pictures inspire you to get started too and help you plan out your next fitness routine! Please share your fitness schedule or routine that has worked for you in the comments below. I will need some ideas for next month! 



Long-term care from the view of a wound care RN

I have been working in a long-term care and rehab facility for nearly two years. I love many of my patients; I feel like I have 150 extra grandparents some days. Some are alert and oriented, while others are quiet and immobile. I see them daily and a few like to visit with me about my family and current life events. There has been a few residents that have touched my heart.

The past week or two I have been having a tough time with work. I have been feeling frustrated and agitated with myself and others. I work very hard to care for my patients. My job is to heal wounds. Some wounds are emptiness in my patients’ hearts, while others are physical breaks in their skin. A kind heart and a bright smile can do well for others during sad times. They often just want to be heard and validated. As far as wounds to an individual’s skin, many factors play a role in the healing process. Nutrition and mobility are two key factors in my patient population. The body requires protein to heal, and geriatric patients with disease complications often have poor appetites. Mobility is important in regards to diabetic ulcers and pressure ulcers.

In order to heal a wound, the task requires a team approach. CNAs, nurses, dietitians, physical therapy, and speech therapy. CNA’s work with our patients the most frequently. They are my eyes and ears. It is important for them to have the knowledge to note changes and notify me, the WCC RN. It is then my job to implement physician orders and do my best to be the physician’s eyes and ears. Sometimes it becomes frustrating when a wound is slow to heal, especially if the area is painful. Families are often concerned, as expected, and it can be difficult to explain at times. But the feeling of telling a patient and family of a healed wound, is inspiring. I feel competent and syccesful. It’s intriguing to watch the healing process. I enjoy helping all of my sweet “extra grandparents”, and I need to remember this during low times, like my past two weeks.

Today, one close to my heart stated I look “different”. She knew right away my usual smile was a little dimmer and my demeanor wasn’t the same.

Today, when I walked into work with my usual cup of coffee, thirty-one lunch thermal, and work tote, I unlocked my office and set down my stuff. I was walking to get my report from the day before when a resident tells me his catheter is leaking. Great. I went to gather supplies when a nurse told me they were clearing the area to bring out the body. This is not uncommon, being I work at a nursing home, but I knew automatically who it was. One of the residents close to my heart. My eyes filled with tears as I returned to my office. I said my usual prayer, as I say for the passing of each resident, but I said an extra prayer for him.

Each day bring new challenges, but we should learn from them and appreciate them.

Today, a member of our therapy surprised me with my fav. Sonic drink, sprite zero and strawberries. Route 44, might I add.

It’s the little things that can brighten your day. I like to think that by giving my residents a simple smile, bringing them a cup of coffee, checking-in on how their day is going, or healing their wound, that I may be brightening their day too.

It’s been a rough week, but i will continue on with a drive and compassion to help others.

Also a tough semester begins Tuesday. Which is part of my added stress.

The world of a nursing graduate student

I have been working on a paper the past six hours and my mind needs to slow down before it will allow me to rest. I probably should have posted an exciting, happy post back when I was accepted into grad school, or maybe even just two short months ago when I first started, because it was still new and exciting. At this point, stress and anxiety alternate between each class. Thankfully, I have the most amazing support system, including Ryan, our families, my friends, and my bosses. Poor Ryan has to deal with his over stressed wife. My body fat percentage seems to keep increasing with the sedentary lifestyle of constant studying and research. I feel the need to develop my own quality improvement project to correct this issue! But, I do not have time! Stressing is also counterproductive in relation to this issue.

I did manage to attend the wound care institute of education course that my wonderful company sent me to. I am officially a wound care certified nurse, which I’m pretty excited about.

Another exciting note, Ryan and I finished landscaping and we love it!! He is the best for always following through with all of my projects. Those are slowing down with school and all. I’m sure he is greatful!

Well. I truly need to get some rest. My paper is due tomorrow and I have plenty of touch ups to do, after work, of course. So many things to do, so little time!

I love to read inspirational quotes to help get me through my day or stressful times (I’m a stressful/anxious person in general… It has its pros and cons) any quotes you would like to share?

Hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow!
Xoxo Kallie jade

Two Years of Love


While I was MIA, Ryan and I celebrated our two year anniversary August 6th.

I like to order a photo book from picaboo each year after our anniversary. I compile all of our iPhone pictures over the year. We take a “family photo” for the cover. We were blessed to include our furchild this year. We love him lots! KK was our photographer again (: thanks sis!

We went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner then played a little black jack at the casino. We watched the video of our wedding ceremony and I was sad we didn’t have cake (like our first anniversary from our wedding day). But it was a perfect evening with my love!



I have certainly lucked with this tall guy! We get along so well and love to be goofy. Laughter is a key factor in marriage. We share the same values and goals. We are on the same page when it comes to financials. (I may believe in slightly more shopping!) We are blessed to come from amazing families. We share many interests but also many differences. I feel it’s good to have separate interests and learn from each other!


Post wedgie. He loves me.

We share responsibilities around the house. We don’t fight or bicker too much. Just voice our opinions politely! He is my one true love (; He can always make me laugh when I need to and knows when I need a big ol bear hug! He puts up with my good and bad habits. I’m the romantic one and he is the realist. I’m the funny one and he thinks he is the funny one. I’m the sleeper and he is the early bird. I’m crafty and he’s handy. He makes us each a cup of coffee every morning and let’s the dog out at like 5:30 am. :) We like to cook breakfast in the mornings together. He makes the omelets. I make the pancakes. He’s the grill master outside. I’m the master chef in the kitchen. He is my wonderful. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m thankful for him daily.

I can’t wait until I have vacation days and we can begin to travel! We both love to be outside and see new places!

We have big dreams ahead!

For now- we are enjoying the present, each step along our path.

Are you the lovey dovey type? Or the one that snaps everyone back to reality? The simple one? The over the top one? The gift giver? Time giver? Everyone has to be different to make the world go round.

Hope your day is awesome!
Kallie Jade


Hey y’all!

I was doing so well keeping up with my post… Until I fell off the wagon in June!

My friend Leah inspired me to start back up with a few posts!

Summer was wonderful and it’s already fall! I absolutely LOVE the fall season. The warm colors, cool crisp air, football, family, pumpkins, costumes, baked goodies! Cleaning house is slightly more fun with the windows open and delicious fall scent candles burning!!


We went to visit Ryan’s maw maw in Gueydan the other weekend! They have the cutest little gift shops. I’m such a browser. Never take me to target or Marshall’s unless you have an hour to spare. Anyways, my mother in law got me this precious garden flag! “Happy Fall Y’all”


So I have been working on my fitness this summer. During my birthday month of July… I was most certainly slacking. But August I started insanity! Talk about nearly killed me. But a GREAT workout. After 6 weeks of keeping up with the workout plan, I caught a little infection. I was tired and didn’t workout two days in a row and that was it. Fell off the wagon again. I keep sabotaging myself!

I stared a program from called Jamie Eason’s get fit program. It’s a 12 week plan with three phases. The first phase is weights only. I have never really done weights before, but I’m liking it! Ryan and i go to the gym together and i enjoy that. He encourages me! I still feel like I need cardio even though the program doesn’t add cardio until the second phase. I started running this week due to the cooler weather! I missed running so much. I think it’s a combo of being outside and spending time with my mom. (:

I have really gotten into clean eating! 5/6 meals a day that are unprocessed. I was doing extra good during my insanity addiction but still working on it at this point. I just love peanut butter and sweets so much. I have Ryan on snacking duty:: to fuss at me if he sees me going for ex an Oreo! I usually do not buy chips, cookies, candy or anything to sit there and tease me. I baked some treats last week so I have those extra goodies staring at me. I need to toss them tonight.

A typical day for me is chocolate and Banana overnight oats (prepared night before), almonds during my morning meeting at work, salad or healthy leftovers for lunch (always protein, complex carb, & fruit/veggie), homemade protein bar or kashi bar around 3, then healthy dinner (same protein, complex carb, & fruit/veggie), and maybe yogurt late evening around 8 or 9. Be careful with yogurt, keep the sugar under 6g!!

I do drink a protein shake with unsweetened almond milk right after a good intense workout also!

Our “go to” healthy dinners include:

-Salmon with sweet potato and broccoli
-Extra lean turkey burgers on 1 slice Ezekiel bread with one laughing cow queso wedge & mushrooms/veggies and a side of grilled zucchini and squash fries
-Spaghetti squash with ground lean turkey and lots of veggies mixed in
-Sweet potato and black bean quesadillas with one wedge of laughing cow cheese on whole wheat tortilla with a side of veggies,
-Grilled chicken with brown rice and side of veggies

We enjoy these meals often!

So for now, I’m trying to stay on track with all the information I have read about! Try not eat anything with more than 6g of sugar! I now only use unsweetened almond milk! Try not to snack. Stay busy doing other things!!

Fall is in the air and my house is loving it!!



Well I plan to post more tomorrow!

(Including a simple recipe- alert- not a healthy treat!!)

Does anyone have any tips on avoiding late afternoon snacking?! That’s what gets me! 5pm- bedtime! :x I’ve got to pull it together!!

Everyone have a wonderful Friday Eve!

World market & wound care- great combo


So, I had a fantastic weekend in Houston, TX with some of my best friends, then I headed to Lafayette, LA for three days. I stayed at the Hilton garden inn in Lafayette.


Wonderful hotel with great staff! Bonus: cookies, tea, and coffee available in lobby. Unfortunately, no continental breakfast. But I survived ;) That’s one of my fav things about hotels!

I had an awesome time at the wound care class organized by LSU CON education department! The grant funded the program for Louisiana nursing home treatment nurses. Lets just say Louisiana’s pressure ratings are about as good as our obesity ratings. Which could have significant correlation? Anyway, the program’s objective is to improve outcomes. I learned lots and enjoyed all of it! Mrs. Jean was so awesome! She is a nurse practitioner that was the main presenter. David was a knowledgable speaker as well.


Great way to start the day! I had to buy instant oatmeal in the lobby, which I eat every morning at home. I decided to buy milk my last night for breakfast the following morning. It was frozen solid when I woke up :/ disappointing. They let me trade it out though. Thanks guys.


I donated a couple gifts to celebrate CNA week and show our appreciation to our staff. How cute is my forever 21 loot? Lip gloss, body lotion, & bags! Hope they like it :)


World market is one of my new favorite stores! I can’t believe I have never been to one. I could have walked out with quite a bit, but these are the treasures I went home with:

Champagne & strawberry dark chocolate
Tortellini soup mix
Caramel coffee (for Ryan)
Pesto mix (to try with spaghetti squash)
1 litre glass carafe ( how cute for sangria)

There is a rug I’m certainly going back for. And so many other things. That I may or may not need! ;)


Sun out, windows down, music up, singing slightly off key

For some reason our father daughter wedding song came on… Instant tear jerker! But I think some J.T. Immediately lifted my sprints.

It was a fantastic week! …. Now just have to survive state when they come to surprise us!

Oooh and passing the wound care class was one of my goals. Check!

Go have some fun!



Pretty purple agapanthus! I love these neat flowers!




I was worried about our hibiscus… I went to town and chopped them off in February. They were getting too big! Glad they grew back nice and full :)


Still waiting for the bulbs to start blooming :/

My husband has a lawn service he does as a side job. He consulted me for some landscape design expertise! Ha! We are going tonight to finish up the project! Ryan did a great job planting the pretty flowers and bushes. The clients are happy :)


Stylus wanted to check out the flowers too!

Happy Thursday! I can hear the weekend calling! ;)