Hey there!

My name is Kallie Hess. I live in Southwest Louisiana. The Lake Area is a growing city with casinos, festivals, industrial plants, wildlife, and beautiful lakes and outdoor scenery. I grew up with a family filled to the brim with love! My mom and sister are two of my best friends, and my dad loves to hunt and fish in Louisiana’s beautiful landscape. Both sets of my grandparents spoke Cajun French. I love the south and like to give all of my ideas a natural southern touch!

I have been married to my amazing husband, Ryan, since August 6, 2011. He is pretty much the best you can get!  I am a RN currently working at a wound care center. I have worked at a beautiful nursing home/rehab facility in the past where I performed treatments and wound care. I enjoyed my job and loved the sweet residents that I was able to meet and visit with.

Although I have a passion to help and care for others, I also have a great passion for all things healthy, crafty, and sweet! I have an ever growing list of ideas flowing through my mind at all times. I enjoy finding beauty in all things. It’s exciting to look at something and try to conjure up an image of that same item transformed into something new. My mind jump starts when I wake up (after a cup of coffee) and usually does not stop until I finally fall asleep. I am always searching for new health and fitness motivation, useful DIY projects, home design updates, gift ideas, fashion trends, and recipes to try (often to satisfy my sweet tooth).

So I decided to create this blog in order to share what I love- family, food, and creativity!

I decided to spruce up my blog this year (2016). I hope you enjoy reading about all of my adventures that I encounter down here in South Louisiana!

Kallie Hess


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