Nurse Practitioner Graduation

My parents hosted my graduation party a week ago and we had a great time with family and friends! I graduated in December, but due to the holidays and schedule conflicts- we had it in February. I didn’t capture the pictures of the Bon fires lit, kids running around, a massive pot of gumbo, and everyone hanging out. What was I thinking?! I did snap a few pictures of the decorations and cake before everyone arrived.

 Pinterest was where I started gathering ideas and I had a few things already, such as the gold and blue decoration(target) the back drop(a paper table cloth),glass jars (marshalls), and frame (wedding gift). I printed a few labels for the jars and taped them  to the color coordinated cardstock. 

The prescription bottle favors were the result of a Pinterest search! I did this last minute, so I had to order the bottles from Amazon prime. If I thought about it earlier, I would have collected bottles from family! I was happy how they turned out! I used mailing labels from target and they fit perfectly (2×4 inch). They are filled with happy pill capsules AKA mike n Ikes! The kids loved them, and adults too. 

Cotton ball- marshmallows 

Tongue depressors- candy sticks from Cracker Barrel (or any suckers)

Clogged arteries- twizzlers 

  The napkins were on sale at target for 50cents! 
The congrats sign is based on an eye chart. Thanks again Pinterest! 

How cute is this cake! Pronia’s is an amazing deli and bakery in LC! They make my fav- white chocolate raspberry! It’s to die for! And their cake decorating is wonderful! I told them the colors and  message I wanted. Also, that it was a medical theme and I wasn’t picky, for them to do what they thought looked good. This was the result! They did a great job!! 

My mother in law created this money tree as my gift- how awesome is this?!?! I tried to plant it, but nothing has grown yet. 

A big thanks to my parents, mother in law, and nanny Dee for cooking everything and making drinks! It was perfect. 

Kallie Hess


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