The Start of 2016

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Well, it has been about a year and a half since I have visited my site. I guess it is time to write a little update! I have figured out how to use word press a little better. I think they have updated their format and tools.

Ryan and I have been quite busy since my last post in August 2014. We have been changing jobs, meeting our friends’ new little bundles of joy, celebrating birthdays, engagements, and marriages, completing a few projects, traveling, and enjoying our lives together. We are nearing our FIVE year anniversary. Crazy how fast the years have gone by, and how much we have changed. While reading my previous posts, I have been laughing and debating deleting some, but I did not. It’s funny to see how much I have changed in a couple years and also how life around me has changed.

I graduated in December 2015 as a family nurse practitioner with a new best friend, Lindsay. We celebrated with a trip to Chicago! We are so relived to finally complete our program and pass our AANP boards. Lindsay is one of our friends we have celebrated with as her little girl was welcomed into this world, and another on the way!

Baby fever is definitely in full swing with all the sweet babies and kids around us. Ryan is the sweetest thing to watch when holding the little ones and running around with the bigger kiddos. We are hoping to grow our family within the next year! I am certainly a planner type of person, and feel like I need to settle into my career before having our lives change with a sweet baby. I cannot wait! I pretty much have the nursery planned in mind- which will of  course lead to many more posts in the future!

I have had a heavy feeling looming over me as the job search continues as a new graduate, but I know things will work out. Today, Ryan and I went to church for the first time in quite awhile. The message today was perfect for me. To let go and give yourself to God, for he will use us to help others. Rev. Weldon told us a story stating we should all “Rock what you got”. Although sometimes we feel inadequate or not worthy, this is not true. As always, we should count our blessing and use what we have! So as I listened to his sermon today while sitting next to my favorite guy, I decided I need to let go. I know everything will work out, as I have one of my greatest blessings was sitting next to me.

As far as celebrating goes, we also celebrated my best friend Allison’s engagement on one of her favorite holidays: New Year’s Eve! She is engaged to one lucky guy and her ring is beautiful! I could not be more happy for these two, and I cannot wait to see Jake’s dance moves at the wedding.

We have made another friend since my last post named Matt. He has three beautiful little girls. We went with them to Florida this year and soaked up some sun! We also took an adventure to Austin, TX where we ate at a really cool restaurant on Lake Travis.

Well, that is a quick update of our lives over the past year. More DIY and recipes to come! I have had time to try new recipes and begin running again since school is over!

Kallie Hess


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