Working on my fitness: Motivation 

I feel like I’m always thinking about working on my fitness but not actually doing it! Well, today I decided to get organized! You know all of those cute pins with the 30 day challenges and super toned pictures in the background of abs and muscles? Well, I have certainly never looked like that. They inspired me to start back at it again! So I put together a 30 day challenge schedule and also found this little motivation trick: 

Someone pinned this sticky note motivation tip! I’m certainly a list person and thoroughly enjoy scratching out completed tasks on my list (crazy person, I know). This seems right up my alley. I put up 30 sticky tabs right by our back door- it’s a reminder to keep me accountable and will feel great to tear one down each day I complete my workout! Also, Ryan will see if I missed… Which will help keep me accountable as well.

   So I pursued Pinterest… As I always do. I really like Popsugar’s 30 day challenges. One reason is because it utilizes 4-5 different moves which helps target a variety of muscles. Also, they have nice and concise printable versions. 

I chose core, squat, and push-up 30 day Challenges to follow over the next month (summer is coming!). Also, I added in 4 days of cardio a week. We shall see how this goes! 
  I have more than 30 days on here- oops! 

To start-after putting up my sticky notes,  I printed out the schedule and each 30 day schedule to use each day. They all have different rest days. Which I will follow for that muscle group. But I’ll actually be doing at least one of the challenges everyday. 

 Popsugar ab challenge
Popsugar’s squat challenge

Popsugar’s push-up challenge

I chose to add cardio that I think I’ll enjoy doing. I used to do spin class 2-3 times a week, but I started dreading it. So I only included Saturday’s (which I know I will have more time to get to the gym vs after work on a week day). Do what works best for you! As you can see, I enjoy running too! I love to get outside on pretty, sunny days. 
And obviously, healthy eating is a huge part of getting fit as well. But that’s for another day! 

I have a long ways to go, and I plan update the blog along the way. 

I hope these links and pictures inspire you to get started too and help you plan out your next fitness routine! Please share your fitness schedule or routine that has worked for you in the comments below. I will need some ideas for next month!