The world of a nursing graduate student

I have been working on a paper the past six hours and my mind needs to slow down before it will allow me to rest. I probably should have posted an exciting, happy post back when I was accepted into grad school, or maybe even just two short months ago when I first started, because it was still new and exciting. At this point, stress and anxiety alternate between each class. Thankfully, I have the most amazing support system, including Ryan, our families, my friends, and my bosses. Poor Ryan has to deal with his over stressed wife. My body fat percentage seems to keep increasing with the sedentary lifestyle of constant studying and research. I feel the need to develop my own quality improvement project to correct this issue! But, I do not have time! Stressing is also counterproductive in relation to this issue.

I did manage to attend the wound care institute of education course that my wonderful company sent me to. I am officially a wound care certified nurse, which I’m pretty excited about.

Another exciting note, Ryan and I finished landscaping and we love it!! He is the best for always following through with all of my projects. Those are slowing down with school and all. I’m sure he is greatful!

Well. I truly need to get some rest. My paper is due tomorrow and I have plenty of touch ups to do, after work, of course. So many things to do, so little time!

I love to read inspirational quotes to help get me through my day or stressful times (I’m a stressful/anxious person in general… It has its pros and cons) any quotes you would like to share?

Hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow!
Xoxo Kallie jade