Two Years of Love


While I was MIA, Ryan and I celebrated our two year anniversary August 6th.

I like to order a photo book from picaboo each year after our anniversary. I compile all of our iPhone pictures over the year. We take a “family photo” for the cover. We were blessed to include our furchild this year. We love him lots! KK was our photographer again (: thanks sis!

We went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner then played a little black jack at the casino. We watched the video of our wedding ceremony and I was sad we didn’t have cake (like our first anniversary from our wedding day). But it was a perfect evening with my love!



I have certainly lucked with this tall guy! We get along so well and love to be goofy. Laughter is a key factor in marriage. We share the same values and goals. We are on the same page when it comes to financials. (I may believe in slightly more shopping!) We are blessed to come from amazing families. We share many interests but also many differences. I feel it’s good to have separate interests and learn from each other!


Post wedgie. He loves me.

We share responsibilities around the house. We don’t fight or bicker too much. Just voice our opinions politely! He is my one true love (; He can always make me laugh when I need to and knows when I need a big ol bear hug! He puts up with my good and bad habits. I’m the romantic one and he is the realist. I’m the funny one and he thinks he is the funny one. I’m the sleeper and he is the early bird. I’m crafty and he’s handy. He makes us each a cup of coffee every morning and let’s the dog out at like 5:30 am. :) We like to cook breakfast in the mornings together. He makes the omelets. I make the pancakes. He’s the grill master outside. I’m the master chef in the kitchen. He is my wonderful. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m thankful for him daily.

I can’t wait until I have vacation days and we can begin to travel! We both love to be outside and see new places!

We have big dreams ahead!

For now- we are enjoying the present, each step along our path.

Are you the lovey dovey type? Or the one that snaps everyone back to reality? The simple one? The over the top one? The gift giver? Time giver? Everyone has to be different to make the world go round.

Hope your day is awesome!
Kallie Jade


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