Brownie Surprise

I saw this on Pinterest (of course)

-2 boxes brownie mix
4 snack size 6 packs of your fav candy bars ($1 per package)

I chose snickers, twix, kitkat, & Milky Way! Reese, almond mound, Oreos, etc would be delicious also!

You an also use up that extra Halloween candy and not buy the snack size packs!

1. Mix one box of brownie mix per box instructions
2. Pour into greased 9×13 cookie sheet
3. Layer candy bars on top of the brownie mixture
4. Mix second box of brownie mix per box instructions
5. Pour on top to finish it off!
6. Bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 minutes
7. Enjoy!

These gooey delicious brownies are thick so they take awhile to bake! Mine cooled overnight and I brought them to work for our wonderful CNA staff! They were a hit! They are already requesting a second batch!!


I love to bake!! It adds to my temptation of sweets! That’s why I like to share it with everyone so I will not eat the whole pan!!!

On a side note to my goal list: I have not yet met my goal weight but I’m working on it! My best friend Megan is getting married in February so I have some work to do!!

I am still anxiously waiting to hear back from NP school on my application status.

Work was crazy busy but has slowed down a little.

Ryan & his mom gave me a cameo silhouette for my birthday and I have made lots of fun things!!


This was for our friends little girl’s first birthday!!!


This little guy is hanging on my door at work :) (note the band-aide on his knee- wound care nurse!)

Yay it’s Friday!! Let the weekend fun commence!!


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