Hey y’all!

I was doing so well keeping up with my post… Until I fell off the wagon in June!

My friend Leah inspired me to start back up with a few posts!

Summer was wonderful and it’s already fall! I absolutely LOVE the fall season. The warm colors, cool crisp air, football, family, pumpkins, costumes, baked goodies! Cleaning house is slightly more fun with the windows open and delicious fall scent candles burning!!


We went to visit Ryan’s maw maw in Gueydan the other weekend! They have the cutest little gift shops. I’m such a browser. Never take me to target or Marshall’s unless you have an hour to spare. Anyways, my mother in law got me this precious garden flag! “Happy Fall Y’all”


So I have been working on my fitness this summer. During my birthday month of July… I was most certainly slacking. But August I started insanity! Talk about nearly killed me. But a GREAT workout. After 6 weeks of keeping up with the workout plan, I caught a little infection. I was tired and didn’t workout two days in a row and that was it. Fell off the wagon again. I keep sabotaging myself!

I stared a program from bodybuilding.com called Jamie Eason’s get fit program. It’s a 12 week plan with three phases. The first phase is weights only. I have never really done weights before, but I’m liking it! Ryan and i go to the gym together and i enjoy that. He encourages me! I still feel like I need cardio even though the program doesn’t add cardio until the second phase. I started running this week due to the cooler weather! I missed running so much. I think it’s a combo of being outside and spending time with my mom. (:

I have really gotten into clean eating! 5/6 meals a day that are unprocessed. I was doing extra good during my insanity addiction but still working on it at this point. I just love peanut butter and sweets so much. I have Ryan on snacking duty:: to fuss at me if he sees me going for ex an Oreo! I usually do not buy chips, cookies, candy or anything to sit there and tease me. I baked some treats last week so I have those extra goodies staring at me. I need to toss them tonight.

A typical day for me is chocolate and Banana overnight oats (prepared night before), almonds during my morning meeting at work, salad or healthy leftovers for lunch (always protein, complex carb, & fruit/veggie), homemade protein bar or kashi bar around 3, then healthy dinner (same protein, complex carb, & fruit/veggie), and maybe yogurt late evening around 8 or 9. Be careful with yogurt, keep the sugar under 6g!!

I do drink a protein shake with unsweetened almond milk right after a good intense workout also!

Our “go to” healthy dinners include:

-Salmon with sweet potato and broccoli
-Extra lean turkey burgers on 1 slice Ezekiel bread with one laughing cow queso wedge & mushrooms/veggies and a side of grilled zucchini and squash fries
-Spaghetti squash with ground lean turkey and lots of veggies mixed in
-Sweet potato and black bean quesadillas with one wedge of laughing cow cheese on whole wheat tortilla with a side of veggies,
-Grilled chicken with brown rice and side of veggies

We enjoy these meals often!

So for now, I’m trying to stay on track with all the information I have read about! Try not eat anything with more than 6g of sugar! I now only use unsweetened almond milk! Try not to snack. Stay busy doing other things!!

Fall is in the air and my house is loving it!!



Well I plan to post more tomorrow!

(Including a simple recipe- alert- not a healthy treat!!)

Does anyone have any tips on avoiding late afternoon snacking?! That’s what gets me! 5pm- bedtime! :x I’ve got to pull it together!!

Everyone have a wonderful Friday Eve!


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