World market & wound care- great combo


So, I had a fantastic weekend in Houston, TX with some of my best friends, then I headed to Lafayette, LA for three days. I stayed at the Hilton garden inn in Lafayette.


Wonderful hotel with great staff! Bonus: cookies, tea, and coffee available in lobby. Unfortunately, no continental breakfast. But I survived ;) That’s one of my fav things about hotels!

I had an awesome time at the wound care class organized by LSU CON education department! The grant funded the program for Louisiana nursing home treatment nurses. Lets just say Louisiana’s pressure ratings are about as good as our obesity ratings. Which could have significant correlation? Anyway, the program’s objective is to improve outcomes. I learned lots and enjoyed all of it! Mrs. Jean was so awesome! She is a nurse practitioner that was the main presenter. David was a knowledgable speaker as well.


Great way to start the day! I had to buy instant oatmeal in the lobby, which I eat every morning at home. I decided to buy milk my last night for breakfast the following morning. It was frozen solid when I woke up :/ disappointing. They let me trade it out though. Thanks guys.


I donated a couple gifts to celebrate CNA week and show our appreciation to our staff. How cute is my forever 21 loot? Lip gloss, body lotion, & bags! Hope they like it :)


World market is one of my new favorite stores! I can’t believe I have never been to one. I could have walked out with quite a bit, but these are the treasures I went home with:

Champagne & strawberry dark chocolate
Tortellini soup mix
Caramel coffee (for Ryan)
Pesto mix (to try with spaghetti squash)
1 litre glass carafe ( how cute for sangria)

There is a rug I’m certainly going back for. And so many other things. That I may or may not need! ;)


Sun out, windows down, music up, singing slightly off key

For some reason our father daughter wedding song came on… Instant tear jerker! But I think some J.T. Immediately lifted my sprints.

It was a fantastic week! …. Now just have to survive state when they come to surprise us!

Oooh and passing the wound care class was one of my goals. Check!

Go have some fun!


One thought on “World market & wound care- great combo

  1. Just stumbled upon your! :) I am an ED nurse in Ohio and wish you the best of luck with your wound care! Definitely a huge need for nurses to understand how to better treat pressure wounds, not just in Louisiana either :P

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