Kk’s High School Graduation

My little sister is graduating from high school! What?! Already? She is 6 years younger than me and completely opposite. I love her to death and I’m so proud of her! She will start college in the fall!


Note the burlap “Congrats” banner! I made this last minute Saturday. I found a tutorial on Pinterest but I did not have enough burlap and I was running too low on time to go to the store. You can see how to make it {here}


I was trying to come up with simple decorations for an outdoor party! I came across this idea on Pinterest & fell in love! It was super easy and entertaining for all of our guests!

I printed lots of pictures of my little sister. Captured moments from a couple months old to present! They were so cute and funny. I tried to have pictures of the guest in the pictures.


I wrapped the posts and trees with twine then attached them with clothes pins! Can it get any easier?? It was quite windy but they stayed in place!


We had a yummy crawfish boil with friends and family! Sweet tea and party punch- refreshing!


Wine and beer also! I used a chalk board picture frame to write her graduation year. (An old frame- I painted the glass with chalkboard spray paint) I set out framed pictures of her beautiful senior photos also :)


I made extra homemade soap and homemade scrub a few weeks ago! I set out a sign that stated “thanks for celebrating with us. Scrub up for summer! Please take a jar of homemade scrub or a bar of homemade soap”. You can see how to make the homemade soap {here}

It was a hit!

Also pictured above are pirouette “diplomas”


I used these ingredients to make them. We cut the strips- we only wanted blue for the school colors! Simply tie one extreme air head string around the pirouette. Looks like a cute diploma. I forgot to get a cute picture of them!

Side note: do not leave outside in the heat. The humidity made them taste like cardboard. They were no longer crunchy! :/ yuck.

Mom and I were so proud of our graduation hat cupcakes! You can see how to make them {here}


Everyone loved our graduation hat brownies also! :) see how to make them {here}


We placed these cute graduation year stakes in the flower bed! I wanted to put them in a cute flower pot, but dad liked his idea better. Haha you can see how to make them {here}


Of course my sister loved opening her gifts! I got her a monogrammed cup and monogrammed beach spiker for her senior beach trips! I had never seen the beach spikers. You put them in the sand and use it for your drinks or phone so they do not get sandy! Of course I put a little cash in her cute cup! I also got her a straw floppy hat! And this card:


It was college tips that I had thought of for her! :) you can read more about it {here}

We had such a great day celebrating! Please share your graduation decorations and ideas! Ill have another one to plan when she graduates from college ;) and hopefully more fun parties to plan soon! I get a little obsessive, but it’s so fun!

Until next time,
Kallie Jade


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