Graduation Hat Brownies


Yum! My grandma loved these! And everyone else….


Fav brownie mix (we cheated and bought our brownie bites from Walmart! )
12 chocolate squares (Ghirardelli)
12 M&m minis
12 Reese’s peanut butter cups
Extreme air head sour candy strips
Small amount of icing (to use as “glue”)


1.prepare brownies per directions on box. Let cool completely. OR unwrap your store bought brownies bites
2. Take the wrappers off of chocolates and cut the extreme airhead candy strips to size. (I cut each strip in half with scissors)

Now you are ready to make the fun part!

3. Spread a small amount if icing on top if brownie (to act as the “glue”)
4. place the large side of peanut butter cup on top of iced brownie
5 . Put a small amount icing on peanut butter cup
6.The icing you put on peanut butter cup should be facing up- place chocolate square on top.
7. Put a small dab of icing on center of chocolate square
8. Stick one end of airhead extreme in icing
9. Place another dab of icing on end of air head extreme
10. Place m&m mini on dab of icing
11. Enjoy!!

I used a zip lock bag and cut one corner. I mixed blue food coloring with my white icing and filled my zip lock bag. This made the little dabs of icing easy to do!

Happy baking with a southern touch of sugar!


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