Easy Burlap Bunting


Note the burlap “Congrats” banner! I made this last minute Saturday. I found a tutorial on Pinterest but I did not have enough burlap and I was running too low on time to go to the store.

Jute or twine
Clothes pins
White paint
Sponge brush

1. Cut out a triangle for each letter (I made 8. I just eye balled it) you can use your first triangle as a template for the remainder.
2. Lay one triangle on a piece of paper (the paint will seep through)
3. Using the sponge brush, write one letter on each triangle. You may use a stencil but ended I up having to free hand mine. My stencils were too big and I did not have enough burlap.
4. Let dry completely.
5. Start at one end of your jute or twine (leave some extra to use to hang up) and begin hanging each triangle with two clothes pins a piece.
7. Once you have attached all letters-Cut the string, but leave a little extra to use to hang it.
8. Hang your cute bunting and show it off!

Mine was not perfect at all, but I think that gave it an extra southern touch of chic! ;) the tutorials I found used stencils and hot glue to attach the triangles. They actually cut out diamonds and folded them in half over the string to create their triangles. I did not have time! My mom came up with the clothespin idea :) I think it came out so cute! Took about 30 minutes to cut the triangles and paint the letters. I let mine dry over night. The next day it took me about 5 or 10 minutes to attach the letters and hang it up!


Have fun creating! :) hope this inspired!

More graduation decorations to come!


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