Genuine Love


I have been working on my tennis skills! I found a beginner tournament I want to play in :) It’s Labor Day weekend! I have a few months to prepare! I love going on tennis dates with my handsome instructor ;)

When we were playing last night I found this particular ball in the basket. We used it for our engagement pictures! That’s our wedding date written on it: August 6, 2011! WOW, almost two years already. Time is flying.

My grandparents have been married over 50 years. Their love is a type of love I aspire our relationship to become in our old age. They are too precious for words. Ryan and I brought grandma home after a crawfish boil this past weekend. Grandpa saw us through the kitchen window, as always, greeted us at the door. He asked with his hand on the lock, “what’s the password?”. I shouted , “I love you!”. Grandma shouted the same! He opened the door and looked at her and said come on in pretty lady, helped her up the step, and embraced her. With a little peck on the cheek, she said I missed you, dad! He missed her too, that evening. They always show love. It so important to me to show your love.

Grandma and grandpa love to dance and laugh together. Sure, they bicker and fight over small things. Half of the time grandpa can’t even hear! Which causes more bickering. But they sure love each other. You can tell just by watching them for a few minutes. He is always holding her hand and helping her out.

I hope our love continues to grow as we get older! :) It’s the spark that makes marriage so fun.


Too cute.


Until next time,
Kallie jade


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