Contraband 5 mile Run


Contraband is a large fair/festival lake Charles puts on each year. I used to love to go as kid and ride the rides. The story behind contraband is that there was a pirate long ago, Jean LaFitte, who buried treasure somewhere near Lake Charles. People dress up as pirates and have a good time out on the boats, relaxing on the lake. They have an annual 5 miler and tennis tournament.

I finished my first 5 mile race this past weekend! It was the first goal I have reached from my list. My goal was to run a 9:30 minutes pace which would be 47 minutes. I ran a 9:04 minute pace and finished in 45:24 minutes! I was very excited and proud!

It was supposed to rain the morning of the race, I was disappointed. The sponsors said the show would go on as long as there was not any lightening. I was determined to participate! When I woke up I was thrilled; it was not raining outside! :) I ended up running by myself, but I didn’t mind! There were 428 nice runners around me to keep me going.

I heard one lady say she had been running a 9:30 minute pace, so I decided to keep up with her. My husband was at the end waiting for me! He was cracking up because I slowed down at the end, looking around for him instead of sprinting like every other normal person would do. Two girls passed me right as I slowly jogged across the finish. I don’t know what I was thinking! Next race, ill definitely be flying over the finish! Haha oh well, just a little goofy sometimes!

I was very happy to see Ryan at the finish :) I had a slice of banana and orange; the pizza did not look appetizing at 8:30 am. It was a great run put on by LAR, Lake Area Runners. Ryan’s aunt told me about a run on 4th of July, I think that will be my next one!

For now, I will run and start focusing on my tennis skills! …and patiently wait for a response from USA.


I forgot to stop the clock (should be 45:24 and 5.0 miles)

Do you plan on running any races soon? Have you beat your goals in the past? Any suggestions to train and get faster?

Have a wonderful day,
Kallie Jade


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