Happy Nurses Week! 2013


Happy nurse’s week to all of those awesome nurses out there! Our facility did a great job showing all of the nurses appreciation! Thank a nurse today, they have control over your pain meds (;

Monday: We had cake and sandwiches! And candy :x


Two pink starburst! Score. It’s the little things in life.


Tuesday: western day! Cute decorations included :)


Wednesday: raising canes!

It was celebrity day! I did not dress up, but I liked my co-workers idea. We wear white scrubs and she said she was dressed as Florence Nightingale! So clever :) so yes, I was dressed as Florence Nightingale also!


Thursday was twin day! We had subway sandwiches & joes cupcakes. A favorite bakery in the lake area. At least the healthiest meal of the week besides cupcakes… I’ll have to be extra healthy next week (;



Today (Friday) they are having amazing door prizes and yummy lunch! Party food! And we got nice monogrammed polos! Thank a nurse this weekend!

I made cupcakes for Friday’s party :)



How did you celebrate nurse’s week??

Until next time…
Kallie Jade


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