Late Night of Baking for Nurses!


Last minute, after working out, I decided to bake a few sweet treats for the big Friday of Nurses Week!

I started with the basics, store bought strawberry cake mix and store bought cream cheese icing! I made both as the directions stated.


I was ready to decorate! I looked on Pinterest and the Internet for ideas. All of the cute ones were fondant :( So, I figured I would try anyways to create the symbols with regular icing. I broke out my icing decorator! All I really know how to do is make the icing swirl. When I switched from white icing to dyed red icing, my icing “gun” spit out a pink blend. I did not feel like cleaning that sucker out each time I changed colors. So, I decided to break out the trusty zip lock bag! Worked like a charm.



That’s supposed to be pill capsules. ;)


Florence Nightingale’s hat!



Who woulda thought they would come out so cute? I sure didn’t! I was a little worried when I asked my husband what one of them was supposed to be…. he couldn’t tell it was a stethoscope. But once it was with the rest of the “theme”, I guess you get it!


I made brownies also! And bought some cookies. I only had so much time to bake in one night for all the nurses!

What is your favorite cupcake flavor? Do you do lots of decorating or keep it simple?

Until next time…
Kallie Jade


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