Healthier Eating Tips

One of my goals this year is to free myself from 16 pounds! My goal is to get back 120. I have lost 9 pounds so far and I wanted to share with you my little tips and rules I like to keep on my mind.


This is roughly what your plate should look like! Do you usually fill the big portion up with meat? Try this out! Have your plate looking healthy, you can tell with a quick glance! I am by no means a fitness professional, dietitian, or anything of this nature. I am simply a girl interested in eating healthy and being fit so I can feel great! I am writing about the information I have learned or read over the years. This particular post I have referenced Live Strong.

All you have to do is commit. Make a goal. Start small, but ambitious, then go for it! Continue making new goals each time you attain your previous goal.

I started small by eating smaller portions of all of our good ol southern cooking! Our families cook for us quite often (free food? we are there!), but i just eat less! Definitely do my best to avoid seconds! It’s hard to change old habits, but just taking the leap to commit will get you started! Once you are ready, try cooking a few healthy dinners at home instead of eating out every night, or swap out all of your sugary drinks for water or tea. Start somewhere. And keep on going.

Nutrition Tips:

You should have about 46 grams of protein each day! Yes, each day! If you want to get technical you should calculate 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. The recommended serving size of protein is 3oz of lean meat, which contains about 25 grams of protein.This is why it’s important to have your plate looking like the picture above! You want to choose lean protein (chicken, fish, turkey), not fatty protein. Saturated fats and processed foods- no thanks! A few protein alternatives aside from meat would be: peanut butter, nuts and seeds, beans, tofu, or eggs. Protein helps to keep you full and give you energy, so try to have protein with each meal.

The majority of your plate should be colorful fruits and veggies. Who doesn’t love pretty colorful things? I’m a crazy carrot and apple snacker! Eat veggies raw, cook ’em up, roast them- whichever you prefer! Just eat more! Careful with the dipping-ranch can be caloric. Try hummus!

Don’t forget your whole grain! You should have about 28g of whole grain a day, to be exact! Three 1 oz servings will do (my fav is a serving of oatmeal or a slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter). Do not let the media tricks get you! Check the ingredients list, if wheat flour or whole grain is not one of the first few ingredients on the list, you probably don’t need it! Enriched or refined grain? Not the best option. I feel that fiber pairs with whole grain. Consume 30-50 grams of fiber daily. Keep that digestive track movin’!

Fat. Yes, you need some fat. Good fats, of course. Try nuts, seeds, or avocado.

Drink lots of water! 0 calories? I’ll take it! I avoid sugary drinks as often as possible. I have banned soft drinks from my diet for years now. Of course, when I do drink my calories, it’s often of the rum ( alli & meg) or margarita variety. You must limit your consumption of alcohol, too! Talk about kill your healthy eating quick! I like to drink green tea at night cozied up with a book or TV.

Supplements. I have read the only supplements you should consider taking are protein, omega 3 fish oil, and a multivitamin. Be careful with the protein. Too much protein is tough on your kidneys and liver. Any other supplements, toss them out!


Does your diet look a little something like this? It’s time to change. Right now. I may not be a dietician , but I am a registered nurse! If you want to avoid sky rocketing cholesterol and heart attacks, I suggest you take a few of my tips into consideration! Diabetes.. shortness of breath… Stroke.. I’ll pass on that.


Make a NEW go to list for all of your usual grocery shopping. Keep your refrigerator and pantry looking healthy. And you too, of course! I have a few healthy recipes under “A Southern Touch of Spice” you should check out (:

Okay— lots of fruit and veggies, water, portioned lean protein, good fats, fiber, and whole grain! Got it? If you do, start working on changing some of those old eating habits! I don’t like to say I’m “dieting” because I don’t feel that I am. I love sweet fruit and crunchy veggies. I am simply eating healthy and making smart decisions. I enjoy a few sugary sweets and pizza every now and then. But it’s certainly not part of my every day diet.

Eating healthy is key to dropping a few pounds. I think of exercise as a necessary supplement to your healthy diet. Exercise keeps you strong and heart healthy! Run, swim, bike, step aerobics, weightlifting, elliptical training, tennis, basketball, walking, volleyball…..go do something!

Start small. Commit. You will feel better each day and grow as you reach your goals. Find your motivation! Keep track of your success. MyFitnessPal is a great app to watch your intake.

Temptation is all around. You will fall off the wagon every now and then. What’s important is to realize it and want to get back on track!

To weigh or not to weigh? It’s all about you. If the scale is not changing as quick as you imagined it would, are you going to be disappointed and quit? Or will you be motivated to work harder? Try taking your measurements or a weekly picture. You may find your clothes are fitting a little more comfortable/looser, and that’s all you need for assurance. Do what’s best to keep you motivated.

Here is a few rules Bob Harper (biggest loser) likes to follow:


I agree with him! Keep these in mind.

Hope you are having a wonderful day! Go out and do something. Success is sweet! (;

If you’re already living a healthy and fit life, keep it up! Grab a friend and get them moving too!

Comment with any questions or suggestions, please. I would love it! What are you doing to be active and nutritious?

Until next time…
Kallie Jade


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