Get On the Move!


Start today! You have to start somewhere (: I started getting back into working out when I couldn’t stand looking at myself in the mirror. I knew it was up to me if I wanted to start feeling good about myself. So I decided to get active! I’m in such a better mood when I work out and eat healthy. I think my jokes get funnier too! (;

We are having the most odd weather down here in Louisiana! It was absolutely beautiful and chilly this weekend! Chilly? In may? Yep! I took advantage of it! I went for a run Saturday and Sunday! I live near a golf course, which is perfect to get in a few miles! I also enjoy looking at the new houses so I can let Ryan know which one to build us in a few years! Ha! A girl can dream.


Back to running. Do you have a favorite place? If you live in the lake area, golf courses, Shell Beach Dr./downtown, & Prien Lake Park are some of my favorites. I love the app RunKeeper to keep track. It has great voice feed back and a trainer. I also use Charity Miles every time I walk or run.

My 5 miler race is this weekend so I have been trying to work on my time. My goal is 9:30min pace. I’ve been running 3 miles about that pace but two extra miles added to that will be interesting! I’m excited to try. I told my 82 year old grandma I expected to see her at the end holding a poster. She just laughed. Thanks for the support, Ruth! (;

Look into a race near you. Start with a 3k or 5k and see how it goes! Or try biking, swimming or a group class. Set a goal and attain it!

Tomorrow ill be posting about a few nutrition tips that I have come across.
Later in the week expect to see some crafts and a healthy, easy recipe!

Have a wonderful day!


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