My Official List of Goals

Who says you can only start your yearly goal list on New Years!?


So, this past weekend I started thinking about a few things I ave been wanting to do the past two or three years. I decided it was time to stop thinking about them and time to start doing them!!

I have been running to get ready for my 5 mile race! I plan to run this with my brother in law and my awesome mom! It will take place Mother’s Day weekend :) A half marathon will be my next mission if all goes well!

I will be attending a wound care class in June!

I finally decided to take the jump and apply for a Nurse Practitioner program at USA! I started the application process this weekend! :)

My husband played tennis in college as well as a couple of pro tournaments. He has also coached since he was about 16. I decided to utilize my own personal coach and try out my skills! I am definitely a beginner but excited to try something new!

I have lost 10 pounds since February! I’m working to get back to 120! My pre wedding weight! 6 more to go :)

We have updated our house and I’m ready to have friends and family over for gatherings! I need to put all of those pretty wedding gifts to good use!! :)

It looks like the next year will be busy and exciting! I will update as progress towards my goals! :)

Until next time….


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