Nesting Tables: Antique Blue Makeover


Check out these adorable nesting tables we were given!


They were perfect pieces for my latest project obsession! Ryan’s grandparents gave them to us when we moved into our first home. They are beautiful as is but I thought they could be even better! My mother in law worked with me on this project.

1. Make sure you have a smooth surface to work with. No cracking or peeling. Sand if needed.
2. Spray paint with Kiltz
3. Spray paint with any color (I love cream, turquoise, yellow, green)
4. Apply antiquing glaze (can be found at Lowes) with a sponge brush in small sections. Get it in all the nooks and crannies! That’s the best part!
5. Wipe off with cloth. I bought a 100 count bag of disposable cloths from lowes for a couple dollars.
6. I call this the detail step. Use your foam brush and lightly add detail to the edges and corners. I’ll need to post a video for this I think.
7. Check out your masterpiece!

Tip: mineral spirit can be applied to your cloth to help move the glaze or stain.




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