Johnnie Walker


I went on a mini vacation to Houston to stay with one of my best friends, Megan AKA Meggsie! I went to work early and left early then headed to Houston, Texas! I changed out of my fancy scrubs into something a little more stylish! We headed to the House of Walker for a whiskey tasting! I am not a fan of whiskey but this was a neat experience! (No pun intended). We valet parked and hopped on one of those luxury van type vehicles! I asked Megan what she gotten us into.


I could not get a great picture of the mansion because I did not want to look like a total nerd, amazed by the extravagant architecture. We checked into the red carpet like entry with codes from our RSVP email.


We were guided upstairs for a Johnnie Walker presentation! They showed a very cool video about the history of the fine whiskey as we sat on chic white couches.


Next, we were guided to a room with a tasting set up for each guest. We tried the Johnnie Walker black label neat and with a little water. It is a blend of smokey flavors and spices. I preferred it with a little water! As we exited the room to head downstairs, we were handed a card. We used the card downstairs to try the rest of the Johnnie Walker labels.


They had a bar for each of the 5 labels, red, gold, blue, black, and double black. I enjoyed the red label mixed with ginger beer! Megan and I grabbed a few of the amazing appetizers. We are not ourselves when we are hungry! It was getting close to cranky.


We wanted to stay longer and try all of the labels, but we were so famished. We decided to head out and grab some dinner with some of Megan’s friends we had met there. The whole evening was great! Go try a delicious blend of Johnnie Walker Whiskey and tell me about your fav!!



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