Graffiti Run Houston, TX 2013


Meet Megan my best friend and Lance my brother in law! They live in Houston, TX. I love going to visit them. We found ourselves waking up Sunday morning quite groggy. We had a late night Saturday, making it difficult to rise and shine for our colorful 5K. We ended up making it!


We checked in and put on our free shirts! Megan chose to use hers as a cape.


Gotta love her. So Megan recently won first place in her age division for a half marathon. She is a bit faster than us. She made a pact to hang with lance and me during our little ol 3 mile run! So, each participant gets a free packet of color and you just have fun with it! As you can see, that was not a problem for us on that early Sunday Funday morning!


Thousands of people showed up of all ages! It’s a fun race, but we chose to time ourselves. As we ran along the course, we passed through color stations. A team of volunteers would colorize us with the color of their station! It was a fun mess! We held our breath because it was a big cloud of dust! I would advise buying the fun little sunglasses they sell. We were the second group to start. We finished the 5K in about 25 minutes. Lance & I were pleased! Megan still had lots of energy as always!


We definitely enjoyed it! Lance and I plan on bumping it up to a 5 miler mid May! We will see how that goes! Get up and go walk, run, or bike today! Anything to get moving and have fun! Register for a graffiti run near you!

Graffiti Run



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