Meet Sylus

Meet Sylus, our first furchild!


We adopted him October 13, 2012 from an amazing event lake charles started a few years ago! Woofstock is a day at our civic center where all of the adoption agencies set up camp and invite the city to save a life! The event also allows you to bring your own dog and dress them up! They have booths with dog clothes, treats, & accessories! It’s a wonderful event! You should definitely stop by next year! We will be there with Sylus!


We certainly did not plan on bringing any animal home. Ryan and I were walking around checking everything out and getting to the end of the festivities. The humane society was the last part of our walk and they were starting to pick up. I saw some small cute yappy pups and a quite a few others. And then I saw a scruffy, calm dog sitting in a kennel looking around with the breeze blowing his messy hair around. I told Ryan he was so cute and one of the workers overheard me. She gave us a leash to walk him around, and we both fell in love. We were bringing him home. It didn’t take long for us to decide! We signed the papers and went straight to petco!


He is very skittish around others, but he certainly took to us right off the bat! He had no problem jumping in the cozy bed the first night to sleep! He still
Sleeps in our bed (Ryan is 6’5″-he is a little scrunched). He is just now starting to do really well with our parents and siblings, but still has a ways to go with everyone else. We assume he was abused, most likely a male since he tends to be more afraid around guys. He was in a kill shelter and then humane society for a month or two. They are not sure of what his life was like before that. I always wonder, but it’s probably best we don’t know. He is spoiled with us that’s for sure!


We could not have picked a better dog! They said he was about one year old, so Ryan asked me when his birthday should be? I said Christmas! It’s my favorite time of the year (:


I take too many pictures of him, but he just has the cutest little face! I’m sure you will hear more about Sylus!



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