Planting bulbs!


I love having beautiful things to look at! My mother in law is so giving and thoughtful; she chose to participate in a fundraiser for a charity for dogs! She ordered a bag of bulbs from flower power and was sweet enough to share her extras! I was excited I had an extra flower pot my dad had given me! I spray painted it (of course) and got to work!


The bags had instructions for each type of flower and how deep to plant them. Of course, I had to break out the tape measure (OCD much?)


I also planted strawberries last week in a small pot after reading an article from Houzz. If you don’t have this app, you should probably download it right now! It is addicting though. It’s basically a Pinterest for just home and design!


Strawberries on the left and flower seeds I planted on the right! As you can see I spray painted these pots also for some extra color!


The chevron pot was fun to create! Just some paper tape (nurses know) or painters tape will do the trick! I placed the tape then spray painted over it. I did not measure or anything. It’s not perfect but it was fun! Go try it out! Inexpensive project :)

Small Terra cotta pot- $1.50
Spray paint- $3 (I had on hand)
Painters tape (on hand)


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