Eighty-One Local Shop

Today I stopped at one of my favorite stores in Lake Charles!


Picked up a gift for my father in law! They have the coolest items! The owner and his coworkers design many of the items from salvaged wood, beautiful old doors and window frames, scrap metal, and handmade candles! Plus many other unique items and vintage jewelry and clothes! If you live in the area or come for a visit, you must go!!


Old window frame for $15! I cleaned it up a bit then added scrapbook paper and our wedding pictures! I love this look!


I saw they had “old” clothes pins for a quarter and this idea came to mind! They sell individual letters and fleur de lis hooks in three sizes! I bought small ones to hang our keys and our sweet pup’s leash! Don’t you love these colors??

Ill be back soon to get one of these for my dad! Pelicans made from metal. Southern feel for my dad who loves the outdoors. I find guys are hard to shop for; you can’t just buy a cute necklace, a pretty vase, or a mani/pedi gift certificate and be good to go. So, when I see something interesting they may like, I grab it up for their next gift! Father’s Day seems like the perfect occasion! He loves his outdoor area in the backyard! This will be perfect! :)



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